Are people buying background check reports about you?

According to a survey, 56% of internet users have Googled their own name to see what information is listed about them online. Other statistics show that 8 in 10 employers Google new applicants before they’re hired. Potential suitors are also likely to look you up before a date, while 71% of Americans use search engines to find information about someone they’re currently in a relationship with, or are considering being in a relationship with, all in an effort to feel safer.
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Personal Data Is a Source of Income for Data Broker Industry

In 2014, Dutch student, Shawn Buckles, set up an online auction to sell off his personal data to the highest bidder. Every bit of personal information went up for sale, including, location records, travel records, his personal calendar, email conversations, online conversations, browsing history, and his shopping preferences. Continue reading "Personal Data Is a Source of Income for Data Broker Industry"

Top 10 biggest data breaches of 2017

The previous year has been marked by the largest data breaches in the history of cybersecurity. Hardly a week went by without news that some company had exposed and leaked consumer and commercial data. In fact, according to the Breach Level Index (BLI,) 1454 organizations in various industries failed to safeguard their databases, resulting in the entirety of their user’s information being exposed for all to see. And all this happened in 2017 alone.
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